Sunday, September 6, 2009

LAN Parties!

After years of wrestling with trying to figure out who I am, I have become ok with the nagging feeling (and of which may be obvious to most of the world around me): that I am a nerd.

So really, why fight it? I like LAN parties. There, I said it. Yes, that is pretty much the next level up from my obsession with nerdy board games such as Risk (I still think it is a good game regardless). The games I once ridiculed and talked against, I actually now enjoy.

Any good nerd will tell you the keys to a LAN party are laptops (check), wi-fi (check), and a multiplayer game usually with an elaborate fantasy-like backstory that references a greatest story ever told (LOTR) or something way way way into the future. Also, being a nerd (check).

Lately here is one I have been rockin':

You wish you were this cool. At least I don't do LIGHTNING BOLT! in real life (or the remix)

Some might say it is a slippery slope, maybe I will be LARP'ing in a years time. Probably not. But really, what is the difference with any board game? We're just doing it via PC.

Whatever, I enjoy it. Perhaps I can call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm not really feeling guilty about it anymore. Some days, all you want to do is just kick back as such:

My idea of a good time.

So, who wants to play?

The more the merrier.


  1. I didn't realize that you liked Macs that much.

    Maybe my LOTR club here in the Peg should have a LAN party, or at least I need to throw some lighting bolts (do they do +5 against mosquito grunts?)



  3. Those pictures are gold. That said, this post disturbs me. PLEASE never LARP.

  4. Holy crap let's LARP - Starcraft LARP if possible :)