Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Procrastinated New Year's Resolutions

1. Make resolutions (check)
2. Get a blog and post on it (check)

But seriously, welcome to my new blog. You may have noticed the one I previously posted to was getting a little, how do you say, unupdated? Also, irrelevant for my current habitation circumstances (it's nice on the inside, but in all seriousness, give me a shout and you're welcome over anytime, at least for those of you reading that know me already). A fond farewell however to the previous blog, it was a lot of fun.

A couple big things I want to accomplish for this year:

1. Get married (already engaged to this one!)
2. Go camping maybe twice or more
3. Play drums way more than last year (read: probably less than 10 times, sad)
4. Replace the plaster and lathe in the upstairs bedrooms with drywall and insulate
5. Have fun and try new things