Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nope, still not summer yet. Put your pants back on.

So with the start of March, comes the start of the inevitable and yearly tradition of spotting people wearing summer clothes way too early:

Unless you are leaving for Hawaii, it's too soon.

Did your mother not tell you how to dress? Or is there some sort of sensory malfunction existing between your frozen skin and the grey matter between your ears? Oh wait, I get it, if the snow is melting, then it must be summer, right?

You know the type I'm talking about... maybe not exactly like this fellow above: typically preppy white males... with popped collars... who like to work out to Nickelback and drink Molson Canadian between their basket weaving and philosophy classes... at the University that their mom and dad has paid for. But you can't rule out many others. People get antsy this time of year.

Granted, I understand the anticipation of warmer weather, but I don't appreciate the burden on our healthcare system from this sort of self-destructive behaviour. If you get sick, you are asking for it. If you are cold, stop complaining and put your pants back on.