Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Procrastinated New Year's Resolutions

1. Make resolutions (check)
2. Get a blog and post on it (check)

But seriously, welcome to my new blog. You may have noticed the one I previously posted to was getting a little, how do you say, unupdated? Also, irrelevant for my current habitation circumstances (it's nice on the inside, but in all seriousness, give me a shout and you're welcome over anytime, at least for those of you reading that know me already). A fond farewell however to the previous blog, it was a lot of fun.

A couple big things I want to accomplish for this year:

1. Get married (already engaged to this one!)
2. Go camping maybe twice or more
3. Play drums way more than last year (read: probably less than 10 times, sad)
4. Replace the plaster and lathe in the upstairs bedrooms with drywall and insulate
5. Have fun and try new things


  1. Hm, maybe we should book some campsites soon!

  2. PS - Boy, I wish I could vote for more than one of those options at the same time. I had a hard time choosing just one...


  3. 10 times! that's it?!? seriously, come on Luke. I think you and I should maybe go in on an electric drum kit together and alternate weeks with them. What do you think? then we might play more often.